We work closely with industry partners using an Engaged Scholarship approach to solve business problems and advance knowledge. We collaborate with partners to look at problems from different perspectives, and to develop and evaluate solutions using rigorous research methods.

Our Engaged Scholarship approach to collaborate with our partners allows us to generate solutions for partners, practice-focused articles for top practitioner outlets, and scholarly articles for top academic outlets. In addition, outcomes from these engagements include white papers, case studies, practitioner publications, industry presentations, training modules, and solutions. Here are a few examples:

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White Papers

  1. Rai, A., Bush, A., and Tiwana, A., Adaptive Planning and Optimization for Supply Chain Networks, SAP Sponsored Thought Leadership White Paper Series on Supply Chain Networks, November 2002.

  2. Rai, A., Ruppel, C., and Lewis, M., Sense and Respond Supply Chain Networks: Building Adaptive Control Capabilities, SAP Sponsored Thought Leadership Paper Series, November 2002.

  3. Rai, A., and Sambamurthy, V., Adaptive Distribution Networks, SAP Sponsored Thought Leadership White Paper Series on Supply Chain Networks, November 2002.

  4. Rai, A., Sambamurthy, V., and Lewis, M., Adaptive Logistics and Transportation, SAP Sponsored Thought Leadership White Paper Series on Supply Chain Networks, November 2002.

Practitioner Papers

  1. Rai, A., Venkatesh, V., Bala, H., and Lewis, M., Transitioning to Enterprise Modular Architecture: Drivers, Constraints and Actions, MIS Quarterly Executive, 9(2), 2010, 83-95.

  2. Rai, A., Im, G., and Hornyak, R., How CIOs Can Align IT Capabilities for Supply Chain Relationships, MIS Quarterly Executive, 8(1), 2009, 9-18

  3. Rai, A., Sambamurthy, V., and Agarwal, R., How CIOs Can Enable Governance of Value Nets, MIS Quarterly Executive, 7 (4), 2008, 193-204.

  4. Kalakota, R., Gundepudi, P., Wareham, J., Rai, A., and Welke, R., The Economics of DSL Regulation, IEEE Computer, 2002, 29-36.

  5. L. Mathiassen and A. Sandberg. Process Mass Customization in a Global Software Firm. IEEE Software. 31 (6), 2014, 62-69.

  6. Matook, S., and Maruping, L. M. A competency model for customer representatives in agile software development projects. MIS Quarterly Executive, 13(2), 2014, 77-95.

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Case Studies

Sustainable Value Creation in Supply Chain Relationships: The UPS-HP Relationship

A teaching note is available to accompany the case 9B07D002, Version: 2006-08-05.

The case surfaces how supply-chain relationships need to adapt goals, processes, and enabling information technologies to enable a balanced pursuit of improvement and innovation. The case also reveals how outsourcing partnerships can be developed to move beyond incremental improvements of existing processes to partners collaborating to co-create value in novel ways. The case is used in business schools and corporate executive training.



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