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Arun Rai

Regents’ Professor of the University System of Georgia and holds the Robinson and Harkins Chairs at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business (RCB). He is the Editor-in-Chief of the MIS Quarterly, a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems, and a Distinguished Fellow of the INFORMS Information Systems Society. His research has examined how organizations can leverage information technologies in their strategies, relationships, and processes, and how digital innovations can address business and societal problems. Co-founder of RCB’s Center for Process Innovation, which leverages industry university partnerships for research, he has collaborated with corporations and government agencies in the United States, Asia, and Europe. His former Ph.D. students hold leadership positions at major journals, universities, and professional organizations.

Email: arunrai@gsu.edu

Website: https://www.arunrai.net/


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Lars Mathiassen

Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar, Professor at the Computer Information Systems Department, and co-Founder of The Center for Process Innovation at Georgia State University. His research focuses on development of software and information services, on IT-enabled innovation of business processes, and on management and facilitation of organizational change processes. He has published extensively in major information systems and software engineering journals and has co-authored several books on the subject, such as Professional Systems Development, Computers in Context: The Philosophy and Practice of Systems Design, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, and Improving Software Organizations: From Principles to Practice. He has served as senior editor for MISQ, and he currently serves as senior editor for Information & Organization and for the Journal of Information Technology.

Email: lars.mathiassen@ceprin.org

Website: http://larsmathiassen.org/


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Likoebe Mohau Maruping

Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems and a member of the Center for Process Innovation (CEPRIN) in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. His research is primarily focused on collaboration and innovation in small- and large-scale collectives such as teams, communities, and crowds. His interests in this area pertain to the enabling role of digital collaboration platforms, the mechanisms underlying the collaboration process, and the leadership and governance of collaborative efforts in organizational and open environments. His research has been published in premier information systems, organizational behavior, and psychology journals including MIS QuarterlyInformation Systems ResearchAcademy of Management JournalOrganization ScienceJournal of Applied Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Likoebe serves or has served as an Associate Editor for Information Systems Researchand MIS Quarterly and as a Senior Editor for Journal of the Association for Information Systems. He is a recipient of MIS Quarterly’s “Reviewer of the Year” and “Outstanding Associate Editor of the Year” awards.


Email: lmaruping@gsu.edu

Website: http://lmaruping.com/


Yu-Kai Lin

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems and a member of the Center for Process Innovation (CEPRIN) in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. His research is primarily focused on understanding the roles and processes of technology use in changing business environments, such as crowdfunding, healthcare, and tech startups. In his research program, he also develops methodologies for structured and unstructured data analytics to extract insights from large scale data. His work was nominated for the best paper award at Workshop on Information Technology and Systems. His papers have been published or is forthcoming in MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Biomedical Informatics, and IEEE Intelligent Systems.


Email: yklin@gsu.edu

Website: https://yukai.org/