Empowering Individuals

Digital innovations can provide individuals with access to knowledge, advice and support from social networks, and other resources.  They also introduce a range of new considerations related to privacy and security.  Our research has been looking at how digital innovations can empower individuals in different contexts including rural entrepreneurship, healthcare, and innovation teams.   

Deploying Digital Assets

Achieving the successful implementation and effective use of IT solutions is in the critical pathway for organizations to creating value from digital innovations. Our studies have generated theoretical understanding and managerial insights on how to: effectively direct IT investments and measure the returns from these investments, develop IT-enabled capabilities for innovation and operations, manage complex development projects, drive the effective utilization of digital resources ranging from enterprise systems to social media to business intelligence to mobile services, and digitize products and services and integrate/reconfigure resources with agility.

Orchestrating Ecosystems

Platform business models are a radical departure from traditional business models anchored in managing the lifecycles of product and services. Our studies have generated theoretical understanding and practical insights on how firms can design technological platforms to transform traditional operations into novel business models, how governance choices of the platform can augment virtuous ecosystems, and how platform architecture and policies can redefine innovation processes.  .

Organizing Smart Collectives

Advances in automated learning and new modes of digital collaboration are challenging traditional assumptions of how collectives are organized and governed, the value that they create, and the risks to their sustainability. Our studies have examined how collectives can be organized and governed to co-create value in settings from open source development to supply chains to the Wikipedia community to online patient communities.