Center's Publications

In Press

  1. Venkatesh, V. Sykes, T., Rai, A., and Setia, P., Governance and ICT Initiative Success: A Longitudinal Field Study of Ten Villages in Rural India, MIS Quarterly, in press.

  2. Jia, N., Rai, A., and Xu, X., Reducing Capital Market Anomaly:The Role of Information Technology Using an Information Uncertainty Lens, Management Science, in press.

  3. Raghuram, S., Hill, N. S., Gibbs, J., and Maruping, L. M. Virtual work: Bridging Research Clusters, Academy of Management Annals, in press.

  4. Maruping, L. M., Venkatesh, V., Zhang, X., and Thong, J.Y.L. A risk mitigation framework for information technology projects: A cultural contingency perspective, Journal of Management Information Systems, in press.

  5. Magni, M., Ahuja, M. K., and Maruping, L. M. Distant but fair: Intrateam justice climate and performance in dispersed teams, Journal of Management Information Systems, in press.

  6. Maruping, L. M., and Matook, S. The multiplex nature of the customer representative role in agile information systems development, MIS Quarterly, in press.

  7. Maruping, L. M., Daniel, S. L., and Cataldo, M. Developer centrality and the impact of value congruence and incongruence on commitment and code contribution activity in open source software communities, MIS Quarterly, in press.

  8. Daniel, S. L., Maruping, L. M., Cataldo, M., and Herbsleb, J. The impact of ideology misfit on open source software (OSS) communities and companies, MIS Quarterly, in press.

  9. L. Öbrand, J. Holmström and L. Mathiassen. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Facing Dilemmas in IT Risk Management, Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application, in press.

  10. Öbrand, N. Augustsson, J. Holmström and L. Mathiassen. The Interstitiality of IT Risk: An Inquiry into Information Systems Development Practices, Information Systems Journal, in press.

  11. K. Jonsson, L. Mathiassen and J. Holmström. Representation and Mediation in Digitalized Work: Evidence from Maintenance of Mining Machinery, Journal of Information Technology, in press.

  12. K. Syed, N. Barqawi and L. Mathiassen. Release Cycle Management: A Contextualist Inquiry Into Recurrent Software Development and Improvement, International Journal of Business Information Systems, in press.

  13. N. Augustsson, A. Nilsson, J. Holmström and L. Mathiassen. Managing Information Infrastructures: Negotiating Control and Drift in Service Provisioning, International Journal of Business Information Systems, in press.


Vanessa Browne