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Center For Process Innovation

Our research focuses on leveraging digital innovation to create value by solving business and societal problems.

Realizing the value creation potential of digital technologies involves understanding how they can empower individuals, how organizations can deploy digital assets to transform strategies and business models, how organization can architect platforms to orchestrate vibrant ecosystems of stakeholders, and how smart collectives can be organized and governed.

We do not limit our focus to one technology or problem domain. Rather, we have been investigating how advances in digital technologies, in combination with other resources, are fueling the digital revolution that is transforming business and society. We have conducted these investigations in partnership with companies across industries (e.g., Apollo Hospitals Group, China Mobile, Deutsche Bank, Emory Healthcare, Grady Hospitals, Daimler-Chrysler, Georgia-Pacific, Hewlett-Packard, Medical College of Georgia, IBM, SAP, UPS, SunTrust, etc.) and with researchers at leading universities across the world.


Message from Dean
          Richard D. Phillips

          Richard D. Phillips

The strategic vision of the Robinson College of Business is No one gets closer to business than Robinson. We are excited to work with our partners to be at the forefront of creating business and societal value through digital innovation. The Center for Digital Innovation has world-renowned faculty with rich experience in working with industry partners on high-impact research. Outcomes from this research have enabled companies to create significant value for their stakeholders and have been showcased in the competitive scholarly journals.

Message from Director
                   Arun Rai

                   Arun Rai

As a college-level research center, we bring together diverse perspectives and methods to advance our understanding about how digital innovation can create the future in high-impact domains.  Drawing our experience conducting research on digital innovation involving diverse technologies and industries, we formulate and solve problems in close engagement with our partners to create value for them and for the advancement of knowledge.


Lars Mathiassen’s co-authored paper, nominated for the European Research Paper of the Year 2018

One of Lars Mathiassen’s co-authored papers—Embracing Digital Innovation in Incumbent Firms: How Volvo Cars Managed Competing Concerns (MISQ, 2017)—has been nominated for the European Research Paper of the Year 2018.

Young, B., Mathiassen, L.Win best paper award from JAIS! 

Action research by Young, Mathiassen and Davidson with extension of technology frame of reference theory wins JAIS 2017 best paper award.

Jessica Pye (dissertation chair Arun Rai),  successfully defended her dissertation on Dec 5 2017.

Jessica's dissertation focused on the value of digital innovation in the electric utility and healthcare industries. Jessica is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Information Systems at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University. 

MIS Academic Leadership Conference 

Over 100 department chairs, deans, and others in IS leadership positions attended the conference hosted by GSU, Nov 2016. Arun Rai and Bala Ramesh co-chaired the conference.