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Diverse Industries



Uncovering the value of digital innovation across industries

We are working to understand how digital innovations can create new possibilities in a variety of industries ranging from IT services and software, logistics and supply chains, to healthcare. We are also looking at how digital innovations can empower socio-economically disadvantaged people to live fulfilling and healthy lives.  


A range of IT innovations are disrupting how clinical and administrative processes have been conducted in hospitals, how healthcare services have been provided to consumers, and how individuals monitor and take care of their health.  Our studies have generated theoretical understanding and actionable insights on innovating clinical processes and revenue cycle management, engaging patients and coordinating patient transitions, and designing online where physicians can signal trustworthiness and the feedback from patients can be meaningfully synthesized and shared.  

Information Technology

A range of technological innovations is redefining how IT solutions are developed and provided.  Our work in this area has generated theoretical understanding and actionable insights on the design of development methods and the management of development teams, and platform models to redefine how innovative solutions are conceived, developed and deployed to the market. 

Supply chains

A range of innovations ranging from process technologies to autonomous vehicles is redefining the agility and responsiveness of supply chains.  Our research has generated theoretical understanding and actionable insights on how supply chains can be redesigned, how partners can collaborate and coordinate their innovation and operational activities, and how supply chain relationships can be effectively governed through service-level agreements, other contractual provisions, and relational practices. 


Firms are challenged to rethink what customer-facing activities are conducted in different online and offline channels, and how to engage with online marketplaces that captures the spirit of platform business model. Our research in this area has examined how firms can create synergies through the design of effective omnichannel models in contexts ranging from traditional businesses (e.g., retailing, real estate) to hi-tech development. 

Societal Problems

Digital innovations can empower individuals to improve their lives and livelihoods, but in the pathway to realize this potential are thorny issues related to resource inequities, social structures, attitudes and behaviours. Our large-scale field studies in collaboration with government agencies and industry have contributed to our understanding in areas such as: how digital inequalities can be addressed through government policies, how infant mortality can be addressed through frugal digital innovations targeted at mothers while overcoming hindrance from their social networks, and how frugal digital innovations can broaden access to quality healthcare in rural parts of developing countries. 

Vanessa Browne